When should I use iWitness?
Anytime you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable,iWitness should be engaged… gathering video and audio data and broadcasting it to a secure cloud server.

Can’t my attacker just take my phone and destroy the captured video and audio?
If the video and audio data is captured, it has already been broadcast to a secure cloud server. There is nothing that the perpetrator can do to delete this data.

Should I tell an attacker what iWitness is doing?
Absolutely. Telling perpetrators that the police are coming, and that evidence against them has been captured, may help stop them in their tracks, because it’s in their own self-interest.

Can a child use the product?
As a general rule, if a child is capable of operating smart phone applications, he or she should be capable of using the iWitness app.

Do I have the right to capture video and audio of someone?
Simply capturing video and audio of another person – something that’s done millions of times a day –  is not illegal.

What if my attacker follows through with the crime, even after iWitness has captured video and audio ?
If the altercation continues, law enforcement could have evidence to use in the capture and prosecution of your assailant. You should tell an assailant that video and audio have been captured and that police are on the way.

How does iWitness compare to other self-defense strategies?
Only iWitness offers you ALL of the following features:

  • Captures video, audio, and your GPS location, and sends all of that data to a secure cloud server
  • Automatically dials 911
  • Instantly notifies up to 6 emergency contacts that you feel endangered
  • Shines a solid torch light when recording
  • Sounds a loud alarm siren
  • Allows you to manage your recordings

Wouldn’t I be safer carrying a gun?
Law enforcement personnel often report cases in which perpetrators take guns, tasers, or other weaponry from their victims, and use them to escalate the crime. iWitness provides the one thing that many criminals fear most, a witness to their actions, so confrontations can be discouraged without the inherent uncertainty and risk of deadly force.

What if I’m attacked from behind, so iWitness can’t get a picture?
iWitness doesn’t just capture video. It also captures audio and GPS coordinates, and dials 911. So even in a case where imagery of a perpetrator’s face isn’t captured, other important data is. In some cases, this data could include other people in the area who may be potential witnesses to the incident.

How affordable is iWitness?
The iWitness application can cost less than $3 per month, depending on the subscription plan you choose.

What phone and software version do I need to use iWitness?
Both Apple and Android app stores will inform you of the requirements during the purchase process.

Won’t I be attracting attention by using this?
Perhaps, but that could be a good thing. The light emitted by iWitness may convince a potential perpetrator that you are paying attention to your surroundings, making you a less desirable target.

How much battery will this app burn when in use?
Many variables affect battery burn, including it’s age and how many apps you have running. So whenever you’re about to use iWitness, you should check to make sure your battery has plenty of charge.

What happens if I accidentally call 911?
You always have five (5) seconds to cancel the 911 call. And should you miss this cancellation period, just stay on the line and tell the operator that the call was an accident. The 911 call centers are very understanding of these types of calls. If you hang up they will call you back, which takes more of their time - please stay on the line.

In certain situations I may not be sure if I should call 911 or not. What should I do?
ANY time you feel threatened,even if you haven’t been recording, and even if there is some doubt in your mind, you should call 911. Your well-being is the most important thing, and the authorities would much rather receive a 911 call that turns out to be nothing than for you to not call and then come to harm.

Does iWitness work everywhere in the US? Does it work in foreign counties as well?
iWitness is designed to work in all parts of the United States. Obviously, the app may not fully function in areas lacking sufficient cell phone coverage. From its inception, iWitness was designed to work internationally, subject to local limitations and conditions.

Do the authorities – i.e. police and 911 operators – know my location, and can they see the video and audio I’ve recorded when I place a call to them?
In most cases,the 911 call center will see your location and know within a reasonable distance where you are calling from, as will your emergency contacts. You may choose to share the video and audio you’ve captured with law enforcement authorities whenever you wish. (While it’s not the case today, we hope that, in the future, most 911 call centers will have the capacity to receive video/audio data.)

Can I really take this safety product with me on a plane and into secure locations?
Yes, unlike self-defense options such as guns, knives, and mace, iWitness lives on your phone and can be taken virtually anywhere. Of course, currently, you cannot use the app while flying, since cell phones must be in airplane mode and not transmitting data. If you have functionality questions about the product please contact us here.

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