How it Works

iWitness should, of course, be used as one part of an overall plan to keep safe, and is not a substitute for common sense.
Always optimize your phone in the following four ways; turn your ringer volume to its maximum level, make sure you have adequate connectivity and battery, and enable your GPS functionality. For your own protection, the video and audio being broadcast to a secure cloud server will include a personal copy accessible to you as well as an undeletable copy available only to law enforcement.

Step 1: Open Application

Any time you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, open iWitness by tapping the application button icon on your phone.

Tip: To make sure that iWitness is quickly and easily accessible when you need it, we strongly suggest including the app among your favorites.

Step 2: Record

 Tap the rec-button button. iWitness is now capturing video and audio of your surroundings and broadcasting that data to a secure, off-premises server. It is also emitting a steady beam of light (optional), indicating to others that you are aware of your surroundings. As you walk, keep your phone in your hand and aim its camera in the direction you’re going.

Tip: you can call 911 at any time by hitting the 911-buttonbutton.

Step 3: Emergency Mode

If you encounter a person or situation that feels unsafe, tap anywhere on your screen to put iWitness into Emergency mode, while pointing your phone’s camera directly at the source of danger. The following things will happen:

  • In seconds, 911 will be called automatically. (If you dial 911 in error, you have 5 seconds to press the  cancel-button If the call goes through, don’t worry.  Simply tell the operator you dialed mistakenly and that everything is OK.).
  • An alarm will sound.
  • Your pre-selected emergency contacts will immediately be sent a text/email informing them that you feel threatened and asking them to contact you immediately. They will also receive your current GPS location and the video and audio that iWitness has captured.

If your phone is knocked or grabbed from your hand, or if it experiences sudden movement before you have a chance to activate the Emergency Mode, iWitness is designed to trigger an automatic call to 911. (For Android users, 911 will appear on your dial-pad.)

Step 4: Review Videos

You can review your videos either on your phone or by logging into your account at When reviewing videos on the website, you’ll also see a map showing your location when  the event occurred.

Tip: Recorded events are best viewed from your desk or laptop computer.

Requirements: iPhone4s or higher having iOS 8.0 or higher.
Android having 4.0.4 or higher.

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